05 de febrero de 2016

Wences Cesares introduces Xapo on EconTalk

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Wences Cesares, CEO of bitcoin wallet provider Xapo, joined Stanford University research fellow Russ Roberts to discuss the decentralized nature of the digital currency. The hour-long edition of the EconTalk podcast can be streamed online and downloaded in mp3 format from the Library of Economics and Liberty website.

Coinbase outlines bitcoin trends for first half of 2015

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The developer blog for Coinbase, a bitcoin exchange based in San Francisco, has outlined several notable bitcoin trends for first half of 2015. The post takes a look at the market price of the digital currency, its volatility, current number of wallets, amount of transactions, global demographics and mainstream developer interest.

Andreas Antonopoulos: wallet, coin inaccurate metaphors

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In "The Bitcoin Opportunity" Andreas Antonopoulos, author of Mastering Bitcoin, discusses how bitcoin terminology is in many cases misleading. Terms borrowed from legacy money systems, such as "wallet" and "coin," are inaccurate metaphors for the way the cryptocurrency and its decentralized public ledger actually operate.

Freedomain Radio: fiat currency as r-selection strategy

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Freedomain Radio podcaster Stefan Molyneux draws parallels between fiat currency and r-selection evolutionary strategies in "Gene Wars Part 2: The Genetics of Politics." The presentation seeks to equate limitless state-sponsored money printing with the exponential population growth and low parental investment of r-selection species.

Crypto-set by little-scale streaming on Bandcamp

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The eight-track electronic music album "Cryptoset" by innovative chip musician little-scale (Sebastian Tomczak) is now available for download from Bandcamp for "name your price." The set made its debut live on June 27th at CryptoParty Adelaide, an Australian cryptography software gathering featuring talks on web security and bitcoin.

ChangeTip service enables tipping on SoundCloud

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Bitcoin tipping application ChangeTip integrated with SoundCloud earlier this week to allow listeners to tip musicians via the comments section of any song. Tips are left by posting a message in the form of "@ChangeTip, send $2." Artists can then retrieve the bitcoin payment by registering for an account.